Thursday, August 23, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors #3

As the oars dipped into the water they splashed water into the boat. The liquid was colder than any winter I had endured in my life so far. Which confused me if the air was so warm how was the water so cold and where was that scent of flowers coming from? I looked around me and as far as I could see there was no sign of land. That's when Oka stood up , he spoke in an unfamiliar tongue and he spread his arms wide. As he did this a great crimson colored light surrounded his body. Looking at him soon started to hurt my eyes, so I turned around to shield them. When I opened them again the light emitted from Oka's body was being absorbed by towering panes of glass. The glass just seemed to go up forever high into the sky and past the heavens. Slowly as the light was absorbed into the glass I began to make out shapes and from beyond the glass I heard the strange sounds of music. It  was a high tempo melody played on some sort of wind instrument. Soon I could make out not only land but buildings and mountains far beyond the glass. I heard the echoing noise of children laughing and men yelling. My mind soon clicked into place and I realized what was happening. It was a city, a city on an island protected by these giant panes of glass. As I formed this thought in my head the light which had been pulsing from Oka had finally ceased. When I turned to look at him, he was gone. Nothing remained of Oka but his robes.  After the shock of him disappearing had scared me something awful I proceeded to look for him fearing he had fallen into the sea.
I didn't find a sign of him anywhere soon I was paddling as fast as I could toward the glass hoping to attract the towns peoples attention. I was about to hit the glass when something I could not have imagined in any possible way occurred. The nose of the boat passed through the glass as did I and the rest of the boat. It felt as if I was being pulled through a gel rather than shattering glass which is the worst i had expected. Once on the other side of the glass there was a deafening sound I could only be describe as being part way between the crack of thunder and the roar of a beast. Suddenly all the other noises stopped, no music, no children laughing. As I looked to the shore ,more than one thousand eyes stared back.  Then from the shore they came thousands of arrows, they traveled at the same time and pace as though they had been fired from the same bow. I did what any rational person in my situation would do.
I started to scream, not the oh so dramatic and composed "goodbye cruel world". No It was more along the lines of, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
In a split second reaction I threw the stone I was tethered to over the side.

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