Monday, August 20, 2012

Smoke & Mirrors 2

The man in the red robe, also known as Oka, bought me from my father.  Oka was silent most of the time but when he spoke it was terrifying. It felt as if the ground shook with tremors strong enough to knock over mighty oaks, but his voice was no louder than a gentle hum. He kept his face covered as he tied me, binding me with rope. He first bound my hands, then my arms to my body wrapping the line so tight around my torso I had difficulty breathing. Oka left my feet and legs unbound so I could walk . I cried for my father's help but it was beyond useless he sat with a smile on his face counting the coins he had received from Oka. I wondered what I had done to anger him , as I contemplated this Oka drug me outside leading me only a few steps at a time.  I screamed and tried to run but he had a tight grip on my leash. As I pulled with my legs trying desperately to break free, Oka seemed unconcerned and soon he was dragging me through the dirt and sand.With one hand he picked me up by my bindings and tossed me into his boat. It was a shabby thing without even a sail and only two pitiful oars that had seen far better days.
"Where are you taking me? " I asked as he entered the boat. He remained silent, once he was inside the boat he tied my bindings to a large rock and put a gag in my mouth. I understood the significance of him binding me to the stone if i tried to escape I would drown it was that simple. As for the gag that too was self explanatory.  I fought the urge to cry, but I was unsuccessful. I sobbed and gasped despite the gag. When I awoke the next morning I felt warm air rush over me the sun was far to bright to see after just waking up and the scents of flowers wafted over me in waves. But after my eyes adjusted to the rays of the sun I saw we were  in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight. I noticed that most of my bindings had been undone though my wrists were still bound to the stone. In front of me laying atop that very stone sat a water bladder and half a loaf of bread.I felt my mouth with my hands and realized  that I was no longer gagged.
"May I have some water Sir?" I asked but in my mind I was already drinking the entire contents. Oka simply made a gesture towards the water, this had been the first time I saw him in the daylight and his skin was a sickly green color and he had no fingernails. His crimson eyes barely peeked through the shadow of his hood. He must have seen me staring I imagine the curiosity was written all over my face. We made eye contact for a brief second then he returned his eyes to the oars and continued to row.


  1. Hmm... interesting start. I noticed a few typos you probably want to go over.

    Is this fan fiction or is it something you made up?

  2. Just somthing I've been playing with for a few weeks thought I would try it out here. As for the fan fiction it will be coming soon.