Friday, September 28, 2012

Contract 2

"God the only true god, wants you to be happy. He wants all of his children to have joy, but the only way everyone can be happy is by giving your fellow man a leg up" The schools pastor went on and on about God and how he wanted us to live our lives. Thankfully I couldn't give a fuck about God or his words. I nodded along to the pastor's sermon but my mind wandered back to my birthday. . . . .
"Happy Birthday baby boy!", The only time Dad ever got away with call me baby. He would always get me something amazing for my birthday. Mom said it was because he loved me. Part of me believed that, the other part new Dad just wanted me to rub it in every kid's face on the first day of school. He was always trying to one up the neighborhood dads but every time he would raise his game someone would jettison theirs. He would get me a Swiss army knife and some kid down the street got a hunting bow. It was inevitable that his pride would be wounded and he would buy me something else to try and save his ego.
"James!!" I looked up and the pastor was standing in front of me with a hideous scowl on his face.
"What is it Mr.Rodgers?", I admit screwing with the clergy at my school was a twisted pleasure that was unique to me.
"I believe you meant to say Pastor Rodgers. James closing service ended two hours ago. I was under the assumption that you needed to speak with me?"
His tone was condescending at best. So I replied with sarcasm, "Oh yes pastor let me just tell you all my problems, get out of my face old man." Before he could respond I jumped over the seats in front of me and off the balcony where I was sitting. I landed with an echoing thud that shook the chapels walls.
(God could that guy be more transparent?) As I walked out the doors of the chapel I heard the pastor whisper "Delinquent!". The word sent a smile spreading across my face that I couldn't control.
My next class was study hall so I ditched while the dicthing was good. About four blocks from the school was a theater. Through out the school year it's closed during school hours, thankfully security is none existent. It just so happens to be my favorite place in the whole city. My body was growing to much. I could barely slip through the chains holding the stage doors together. I made my way from the stage doors  to center stage. I imagined the last time I was in this theater. The day before the fire....

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